The Bible teaches us to disciple one another towards become more like Jesus. This slow process is called sanctification. The most effective way of becoming like Him who gave Himself up for us on the cross is by engaging with and practicing His word, as Matthew 28:20 says. While we could choose to study the Bible alone, it is best done with other people. 


Using one of the Bible Reading Plans below, organise a weekly meeting with some family or friends. During your time together allow for 15-40 minutes to read through the text, thinking over what it says – I recommend that each person makes notes of what they discover. After this time of Bible meditation have each person share what stands out to them from within the text and what biblical truth they want to put into practice over the next few days. 






Bible Reading Plan 1: Discovering Jesus by walking through Mark


Week 1: Mark 1:12-20

Week 2: Mark 5:1-20

Week 3: Mark 8:27-38

Week 4: Mark 11:1-11

Week 5: Mark 15:1-47