Living trapped in UNforgiveness is hell.

When people hurt us, willingly or not, we have two choices. 1.) Is to forgive and bless them and 2.) Is to trap them in a cage in our heart through UNforgiveness. The truth is that these two roads lead to two completely different destinations. The road of forgiveness and blessing ends in freedom but the road of UNforgiveness, bitterness and hate ends in living trapped in hell.

I am and expert at living in this hell.

From a young age people have willingly or not hurt me. From neglect, to sexual abuse by an older boy at school, and a scout master. From abandonment by caregivers, to bullying at school because of my acne. From being left out of social gatherings to nasty whats-app messages that cut deep. This hurt has come from Atheists, Christians, Muslims and Agnostics. From South Africa to Korea. From teachers, youth pastors, bosses and co-workers. I have had a Christian leader tell me to stop being a “pussy” and an Atheist mock me for believing in Jesus. A “friend” at school told me that he didn’t want to be my friend because I made him stutter and a co-worker gossiped about me to my manager. The sad truth is that most of the time I have responded to this hurt in UNforgivness, bitterness and hate and have therefore, lived in hell.


If you have been hurt and you have not forgiven, then you would know about this hell. It is a dark and painful place, a lonely existence fulled with blurred vision and suffering.


The way to escape this hell is to forgive and bless.

The way to escape this hell of UNforgiveness is to forgive and bless. This can be extremely difficult especially when much hurt has been done. But forgiveness and blessing must come, because without it – you will stay in hell. The way out of this hell, this cage of UNforgivness is to greet your enemy with a smile, to be like the Good Samaritan who helped save his enemy, to love without condition and give without receiving. Where can we access the power to do this? There is no other power on earth that can help us do this than the power of the Lord Jesus. For he has loved us and not been loved by us, blessed us when we have cursed him, helped us when we would not help him. In His name alone is the power we need to access in order to be saved from the hell of UNforgivness.

This is my story, and it continues…