The year was 2008. My friend Simon Veenstra and I were walking from our house in Claremont, Cape Town to the U.C.T Jamie bus stop in Claremont. I cannot remember the exact time, but it was around 9 am. As we walked down Draper street towards the tunnel that went under the train track we talked and laughed. Who would have guessed what would happen next?

Who would have guessed what would happened next?

As we approached the tunnel we were suddenly aware of two large men in-front of us. I cannot remember the colour of their clothes, but they were big and scary. Before we knew it, they had pulled out big knives on us. The knives were long and sharp. Probably about 30 cm long. They looked like Bicycle spokes that had been converted into knives. It all happened to quickly. In the split seconds we had to respond, we did the unthinkable.

We did the unthinkable.

Most people’s advice is to run. Some say fight. But what most people don’t say is pray. I remember hearing my friend Barry Matthews tell me about how was in a dangerous situation once and had prayed out loud until the evil criminals left him. So, in a flash, I started to pray out loud. I said something along the lines, “I am covered by the blood of Jesus. You flee in the name of Jesus.” Now before you stop reading because of a prejudice against religion you may have – please keep reading. I am a logical man. I believe what I see. What I am writing is 100% the truth. This is what happened. I prayed out, using the name of Jesus¬†and the men ran away – leaving us alone.

What I am writing is 100% the truth.

Wow! Simon and I were amazed, flabbergasted, over joyed. I am surprised that I did not wet my pants. We had just seen a miracle. These men definitely did not run because of us. It was because Jesus saved us.