The Green Forest is a collection of short stories about the animals living in the green forest. The two main characters are Mrs Snail and Mr Rock, but there are many other animals that join in with the adventures. Each story has a principle (life lesson) behind it such as love, saying thank you, being brave and so on.

No. 1 - The Chocolate Cake. Saying please and thank you.

The Chocolate Cake. No. 1

Saying please and thank you.


Mrs Snail slowly moved up a wide road and sat on a stone. Mr Stone got a big fright and cried out, “aah!” Mrs Snail said, “give me a chocolate cake.” “But a chocolate cake is far away and anyway you’re being rude. But OK, for you, even though we have just met, I will go and get you a cake that has been baked.” Mrs Snail said, “thank you” and realized her wrong – which was that she didn’t say please and thank you and this was disrespect. “I will remember to say please and thank you.” She said to her self later that day as she ate her rich chocolate cake.

No. 2 - Two Cups of Tea. Invite people into your home.

Two Cups of Tea. No. 2

Invite people into your home.


Mrs Snail was having a bad day. Her ears hurt, her heart was heavy and her clothes were sticky with honey from breakfast. Because of the beastly day she was having, she chose to go for a walk down the road that ran along the river called red (it was called red because of the sand that was found in it). On her way she met Mr Stone who immediately called out and said, “come over to my home Mrs Snail and let’s have two cups of tea.” Mr Stone and Mrs Stone and baby stone loved to host a host of people in their home. They believed that love was visible in hosting people in their home. Mrs Snail replied to this kind offer, “okay, thank you.” And there they all sat, talking about small things, and big things, and things we are to shy to talk about (but should) and all else good.

No. 3 - Two Tasty Tomatoes. Tell the truth, all the time.

Two Tasty Tomatoes. No. 3

Tell the truth, all the time.


It was a sunny day. The sun was shining silently, not loudly like in summer. The wind was blowing brightly, not gently like in spring. Mr Stone was out and about doing some garden work. He loved to growing great big vegetables to share. His carrots and tomatoes looked so lovely. They were juicy and ready to eat. So ready that someone had eaten two tasty tomatoes.

“Who has done this,” Mr Stone said to his friend Thandi the butterfly. Thandi and Mr Stone had been friends for many years. They had first met when Thandi had lost her watch and Mr Stone helped her find it, but that is for another time. “I don’t know, but why don’t you ask around?” She said in a soft voice.

And so, like a detective, Mr Stone started his investigation. He asked Baby fox. He asked Julie the stick insect. He asked Mrs Snail and he asked old Grandpa nail. Everyone said, “I don’t know.” At the end of his investigation he was left with no answer and so Mr Stone said to himself, “oh well, there is no point worrying about my two tasty tomatoes.”

Many months and moons and moans and groans went by. Things in the Green Forest carried on as usual and Mr Stone forgot about his two tasty tomatoes, but Mrs. Snail did not. She did not forget because she was the one who had eaten them. “Oh I wish I had not eaten them.” She said to herself one night as she was getting ready for bed. It was true, she had eaten the tomatoes, but the saddest thing was that she had lied to Mr Stone. “This lie is eating my soft body up.” She continued, “but if I tell him he will be angry with me.” And so Mrs Snail did a silly thing – she kept the secret to herself. But, as you know, secrets always come out. The truth cannot be hidden, but that is for another time.