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The difficulties job hunting

The difficulties job hunting


Looking for work is difficult.


Its a bag of mixed emotions.


The excitement of a career change or promotion. The hope of a new job and opportunity to make a positive difference. The feelings of disappointment and hopelessness as the list of failed job applications mount up. The fear of the unknown.


This has been my experience over the past six months after finishing a teaching job in South Korea and returning to Cape Town. It has been an interesting time for me, to say the least, and in it I have experienced, roughly speaking,


four different stages.



You tell yourself and others that you need to rest and spend time with friends and family. Its a time to recharge the old batteries. This could included anything from sleeping and watching TV to playing sports and travelling. Oh the joys!



For me this stage has been, on the whole, filled with positive emotions. I have found it fascinating to research companies, think about what my skills are, meet up with people to get advice and see what social capital can be maximized, fill out applications and partake in interviews. The promise of contributing to society. Hmm… Wonderful!

In an ideal world, job hunting should follow with at least one positive job offer, ending the life of an unemployed person looking for work.


However this is not an ideal world and very often someone moves onto both or one of the following stages.



Have you ever been offered a job and are unsure whether to take it or not? You are qualified for it, and yet for one reason or another you are uncertain. Questions flood your mind. In January 2019 I was offered a job, one that suited my experience, skills and passions. Yet I was unsure about accepting it. After a month of deliberating I eventually had to inform the employer that while I would love this job, I am unable to say a definite yes. This was a very hard email to Send. Especially when you have bills to pay.



The disappointment and hopelessness of continued failed job applications. Fifteen job interviews later and the answer is still, “we cannot hire you.” Twenty emails and not one reply. I know a friend who went through about fifty failed job applications.

This is an incredibly hard time. Especially if you have children to support.

This is where I currently find myself and here is me being honest, so I will end with this…


Over the past six months I have seen the Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob walk with me through my unemployment. I have seen God Almighty provide the basic necessities for life: food, shelter and clothing.


In the end I have seen that God my Creator is more interested in who I am becoming, then in my work.