While we all should admire many bold atheists (e.g. Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens) for the way they have questioned religion, there are a number of ideas found within atheism that we need to think more about.


Most atheists say that atheism is reason based. They claim, along with Richard Dawkins in his book The God Delusion, that atheism is based on evidence that we use the scientific method to discover. In the words of Ernest Hemingway, “all thinking men are atheists.”

This statement is, however, confusing in these ways.


Many atheists claim that atheism cannot be critiqued.


While debating atheists I have often heard this idea. The idea goes along these lines, since atheism is not an ideology or belief system (just no belief at all), there is nothing to critique. This is not only a very sad conclusion but also a very concerning one. It sounds like Muslims who say that the Q’ran cannot be questioned or Christians who say that we cannot question their interpretation of the Bible. It sounds like life during communist Russia where no one could question Stalin and his ways. Seriously, are you really telling me that we cannot question the non-belief of atheism? How can atheism be logical or reason based if we cannot critique it? if it is based on good logic then we should be able to question it rigorously. There may be no five laws of atheism, but there since it is an “ism” there isl a worldview. Even someone claims to be an atheist have have no worldview – why can’t we critique atheism?


In atheism – how can we trust the conclusions our brain makes.


We use our brain to observe the world and make logical conclusions. To reason we need our mental faculties. This I think we can all agree on. However, if we are the result of an, “evolutionary accident” as some teachers say, or as Stephen Hawking claims, we are the product of random unguided processes – how then can we trust the logical conclusions that we make using our brain? Sure natural selection does provide some sort of guidance, but the extent to which natural selection produces something useful is questionable. It appears as though our mental faculties are rendered useless in atheism.


In atheism we believe that the law of gravity is the creator, nothing is the creator or aliens are the creator.


We know for a fact that matter (atoms) had a beginning. We call this, “the big bang” (Lemaître). This is a well-documented fact. It won a team from Berkeley the Nobel prize in 1998.


How did this big explosion come about? Stephen Hawking claims that, “because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing.” Where then did the law of gravity come from? Was it always around – this make gravity the eternal creator. But a, “law” needs a lawgiver – a Creator. Who is the creator of gravity? Perhaps nothing made gravity. So there was nothing and the nothing created gravity which created the big bang, nothing therefore created the first sub atomic particles. What? Something from nothing, even a child knows that this is impossible. To avoid the option of an eternal un-created Creator (God) who created gravity and the big bang, some now think that aliens put life on earth. How far do people want to push this? Most likely into the ridiculous.


In atheism we can do whatever we want.


I firmly believe along with John Lennox that atheists can do good things. When I lived as an atheist I did, “good” things – whatever “good” were for me I don’t know. But this is not my point. Here’s my point. When I live as a true atheist – there are no rules. We can do whatever we want, and no one can stop us. If you really think about it, you will see this to be true. If I believe there is no God, no law giver, no eternal and all powerful being who decided the rights and wrong, then who is to tell me how I should live? You – no way! Society – stuff society! What about another cultures – no! I will go whichever way I want. Some say that evolution by natural selection is what guides us. Really? I think that it’s beneficial to my survival and the survival of my group to rape and kill. Should I? the result of this kind of lifestyle is obvious, “It means everything is permitted now, one can do anything?’ is ‘Yes,’ in as much as ‘everything’ refers to acts of extreme immorality” (Dostoevsky). This is true atheism. The kind of atheism that most atheists subscribe to is, however not this.


Note here: A Christian (for I can only speak on behalf of Christians) can live like this to, the life of no rules, doing whatever you want. I have seen this happen and I have lived like this. When a Christians lives like this, many wicked and evil actions follow. However, the reason why the believer is living like this is not because of Jesus and the doctrines of the Bible, but it’s because they have abandoned Jesus and His ways. It’s because they actually believe that they’re god.