Are the unborn human?

To my Son,

When I saw your unborn body, only a few cells big, colors burst forth in my mind like flowers from the earth. A rainbow of cerebral impulses, a whirlwind of ideas were found on my mind.

Red roses with water drops and sunlight glitters instantly came forth in my thoughts. I am going to be a Dad, a daddy. Yahoo!

Gracious gift of God, Creator makes.

You are being knit together in your mother’s womb.



fingers and cells.



hands and Chromosomes.

In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth. Then He made humans who made babies who made babies who, made you.



Who is God?

Faithful Lord Your name is great You made the earth and sky, You are the source of all we need Your love goes deep and wide.

Faithful Lord Your name is great Your mighty voice thunders, just like You did in the early church confirm Your word with wonders.

Faithful lord Your name is great and the light of Your truth is bright, as Daniel lay in the lion’s den You stood by him all night.

Faithful Lord Your name is great You made the earth and sky, reveal Yourself in our day removing every lie.

Faithful lord Your name is great You made the earth and sky, You are the source of all we need Your love goes deep and wide.



What would happen if we lived by our own rules?

What would happen,

If we lost the compass of morality.

If we lived like anchor-less vessels.


If there was nothing to guide our course,

nothing to unite the fleet of society.

Every sailor doing whatever they see fit.

Every boat filled with the holes of meaninglessness.


Mutiny to gain power.

Scurvy of the soul.

The foul smell of self autonomy.

The wood rot of bitterness.

The over salted meat of too much wealth.


The end of this lifestyle of clear.


Alone in a boat lay two corpses,

a man and a woman – Adam and Eve.

Old and shriveled.

Alive in the dead sea,

wandering endlessly and

crazy from sea sickness.

If only humanity had turned to their Creator.



What is a prison cell like?

In 2006, January it was. My friend and I spent a night behind bars.

While walking to Cape Town, the smile of the sun turned into a frown. It rained and rained and rained some more. Just our luck, when it rained it poured.

We had no home, no place to sleep. As we stood on the road our knees went weak. We asked the police if we could sleep in a cell. They said, “sure thing, but it ain’t no hotel.”

The bed was hard, the room was cold. It was a damn good thing that it had no mold. A light shone bright, in our eyes all night. We used our blankets to avoid frostbite. In the corner of the room sat a plastic bin, that we were told to go to the toilet in.

We made best friends with another cell mate. I forget his name, but he was underweight. He came in late because he was drunk. He talked alot and smelt like a skunk.

When the sun smiled again, we left the jail. We walked out proud, without paying bail.



Have you ever been robbed by criminals?

One day, on our way to school.

Two large men approached.

Darkness lurched.

Evil eyes pierced.

In a flash,

knives were pulled out.

Large daggers.


Dragons talons.

“Who would save us?”

This was the golden question.

Our response that day,

was not to run or fight, but to pray.

We prayed our loud in Jesus name.

The men ran away and we were saved.






Why do we educate?

Education is important, but it’s not the ultimate solution to our problems. I know a man whose master’s degree was unable to stop him committing cyber-sex crimes.

Dogs can learn tricks when they are young, but be careful what you teach them. I know of a young kid in England who was taught by Atheists to hate Christians.

Understanding is the main goal of academic education.

Claiming that science is the only way to know truth is false – my old history teacher used history to help us understand truth. However be careful not to disregard the scientific method, for by it Neil walked on the Moon.

Asking questions are key for education but be careful that you don’t open too many doors without walking through some. I remember an online teacher who always asked questions and never showed the answers – in the end he failed at his job.

Take a break during class time; it’s good for all present.

In the classroom there must be rules, for without train tracks a train is rendered useless, but be careful that the flame of discovery is not extinguished. Middle school was  a place of great discovery, but when I arrive at high school the flame died because of all the unnecessary rules. 

Organization is essential for education. I once had a student in my science class who often forgot to write down the dates for when his assignments were due – in the end he lost out on his education.

No formal education is necessary to becoming influential in this world, but be careful when going down this route that education still happens. I know a man who never finished high school, yet went onto becoming very influential through owning much land and knowing many people.



Have you ever thought of suicide?

20, 50, 65, 90 kilometers per hour. The speedometer needle moved quickly to the right.

All I could see was red. Dark clouds filled my head. A cerebral thunderstorm.

A bridge was up ahead. I crossed the white lines. Back and forth, back and forth. They looked like zebra stripes.

Sadness in my soul. A deep, deep sadness.

Car lights up ahead blinded me for a second. I kept going, the engine roared.

Saturated with frustration. No end in sight. An internal fight.

“If I just ride off this bridge,” thoughts of suicide filled my mind. “All the struggles will be gone, I will be done. Another rotten soul forgotten.”

Yet all the while a small glimmer of hope burned deep within me.

The handle bars on my bike turned towards the edge of the bridge. One quick crash. A moment of pain. For reasons the flicker of hope burned a little brighter, I turned the bike back, away from the edge of the bridge.

Hope, an unquenchable flame. Jesus.



My son, do you want to know how much I love you?

Sleepless nights,
he is choking – oh the fright!

Feeding, crying, feeding, crying, crying, crying, feeding.

Diapers that are deadly smelly,
I think I overfed his belly.

Feeding, crying, feeding, crying, crying, crying, feeding.

I’ll check his temperature,
every week we are going to the doctor.

Feeding, crying, feeding, crying, crying, crying, feeding.

The price of all these baby things,
no wonder we have no savings.

Feeding, crying, feeding, crying, crying, crying, feeding.

I would do this a thousand times a day just to have you as my son!



Do you feel worthless?

This is the story of my life, the most dominant narrative that I know.


Honestly, I want to be honest with myself – no lying.

I see myself as worthless, as someone with no value.


Honestly, please do not give me advice or tell me that I am mistaken – you need to first listen.

I see myself as worthless, as someone with no value.


Honestly, I have no idea when the story began, but for as long as I can remember…

I have seen myself as worthless, as someone with no value.


Disowned by my church,

Mocked by my father,

Forgotten by my work colleagues,

Rejected by my friends,

Abused by my teacher and scout master,

Laughed at for my stutter,

Ignored by my boss,

Never encouraged for my efforts,

Punished in school for something I never did wrong,

Shouted at all my life,

Told I was adopted by my brother and sister, the list goes on…


I wander the wastelands of worthlessness, all to familiar with her sounds – “failure” fills my ears.


While I know in my head that the ONLY solution to this twisted story is found in arms of my Maker and Savior the LORD Almighty, I am unable to stop this song playing through my soul. It plays daily, like a song on repeat, reminding me of my failures.



Are you on the path of transformation?

There is a path in this world that is walked by only a few.

It is narrow and overgrown…

but always clear enough for those who desire to take its trail.

This road is filled with difficulties: hills of suffering, swamps of guilt, valleys of humiliation, giants who lie, deserts of loneliness, to name but a few.

This trail is also filled with a wonderful promise. 

A promise…

The promise that those who walk it, will become like the mighty King who once walked it and walks daily with those who take its course.

Enter this way at the hill called Calvary.