To My Son.

When I saw your unborn body, only a few cells big, colours burst forth in my mind like flowers from the earth.

A rainbow of cerebral impulses, a whirlwind of ideas formed in my mind.


I am a dad, a daddy – a father.


Gracious gift of God, Creator makes. You
are being knit together in your mother’s womb.
Atoms, molecules, fingers and cells. Nerves, toes,
hands and Chromosomes.

You are complex, diverse and unified – like the Sun.


When I spent a Night in Jail.

In 2006, January it was. My friend and I spent a night behind bars.


While walking to Cape Town, the smile of the sun turned into a frown. It rained and rained and rained some more. Just our luck, when it rained it poured.


We had no home, no place to sleep. As we stood on the road our knees went weak. We asked the police if we could sleep in a cell. They said, “sure thing, but it ain’t no hotel.”


The bed was hard, the room was cold. It was a damn good thing that it had no mold. A light shone bright, in our eyes all night. We used our blankets to avoid frostbite. In the corner of the room sat a plastic bin, that we were told to go to the toilet in.


We made best friends with another cell mate. I forget his name, but he was underweight. He came in late because he was drunk. He talked alot and smelt like a skunk.


When the sun smiled again, we left the jail. We walked out proud, without paying bail.

When I thought about Suicide.

20, 50, 65, 90 kilometers per hour. The speedo needle moved quickly to the right.


All I could see was red. Dark clouds filled my head. A cerebral thunderstorm.



A bridge was up ahead. I crossed the white lines. Back and forth, back and forth. They looked like zebra stripes.


Sadness in my soul. A deep, deep sadness.



Car lights up ahead blinded me for a second. I kept going, the engine roared.


Saturated with frustration. No end in sight. An internal fight.



“If I just ride off this bridge,” thoughts of suicide filled my mind. “All the struggles will be gone, I will be done. Another rotten soul forgotten.”


Yet all the while a small glimmer of hope burned deep within me.

The handle bars on my bike turned towards the edge of the bridge. One quick crash. A moment of pain. For reasons the flicker of hope burned a little brighter, I turned the bike back, away from the edge of the bridge.



Hope, an unquenchable flame. Jesus.


The deadly poison of Pornography
passes through the veins of society.

From schools to universities and
shops to bars.

Death is ever present by its side.
They are best friends.

Besties for life.

Like a lion devouring its prey.
Pornography tears apart homes
and minds.

It is like a fire.

Never satisfied with just one victim.
It always wants more.
Pornography is a slavery.

Trapped in darkness a porn addict gropes around
on the floor with a chain around her neck.
I once watched a python strangle a mighty deer.
The beast squeezed the life out of the animal.
Like a python, pornography tightens its grip
around the human heart.

Who can save us from the terror of

No one and nothing but Jesus.
He alone has the power to save.

Happiness Disappears.

It was clear to me, yesterday, that happiness vanishes.

Like a fish in the sea.

Like a cup of hot tea on a cold rainy day.

Happiness goes away.

It is clear to me, this second in fact,

that happiness is temporary. No matter the activity, beauty or sight.

Happiness disappears like the wind that lifts my blue kite.

Here me out.

Give me the time to spit some truth.
Not much in our world is constant,
this we know for sure.
Winter turns to spring and then the season
changes again.
But what is unchanging is this: Happiness
In the end, we are left with a dilemma. What do we
do to fix this – I ask you?

Happiness vanishes.

Suffering at my Current Job.

I am lying in the forest outside my office,
staring up the trunks of trees.
Thorn needles create a bed on
the floor.
It’s nearly winter.
Leaves are falling off.
The forest is silent – compared to spring.
My heart is sad.
I am far from glad.
I don’t know why – maybe it’s because my work
colleagues don’t say hi.
I am lonely at work.

A place filled with people.
The irony.
Cities with all the people, are lonely spaces.
A wasteland of singles.

In addition to this problem,
my work right now is dead boring.
Only a few moments of stimulation.
Thistles and thorns plague the ground.

Oh Lord!
May I be content in all seasons.

I rise to leave my den of solace. The place of plaintiveness.

A Rework of Psalm 23.

The Lord is my Shepherd. Yes, He protects me
from hungry leopards. I don’t need anything else
beside Him. He makes me lie down near a pool
where I can swim. He restores my soul, and make
me whole. He leads me to do what us right, and
heals me from Satan’s bite. For His name sake the
Lord does this. Even if I walk through a dark abyss,
a shadow of death and I feel fears breath.

I will fear

I will be like a knight of Camelot, fighting in
the army of the Lord.
His rod and His staff comfort me.
Lord your goodness and mercy follow me.
Even if life is hard on me, I will always be in the
house of the Lord.

When two Men tried to Steal (hurt) us.

One day, on our way to school.

Two large men approached.

Darkness lurched. Evil eyes pierced.

In a flash, knives were pulled out.

Large daggers.

Swords. Dragons talons.

“Who would save us?”

This was the golden question.
Our response that day,
was not to run or fight, but to pray.
We prayed out loud in Jesus name.
The men ran away, and we were saved.