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Stories of a dodgy scout master

Inappropriate actions by my scout master  While rock climbing a week ago I was reminded of how grateful I am to the Scouting movement. I was halfway up an 80 m rock wall when I had to secure myself. Fortunately, I had learned the Clove Hitch on one of the many...

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How does expository teaching make disciples?

Becoming like Jesus by engaging with His word  Through expository teaching, we are able to act out the Bible and so become more like Jesus Christ.   The problem In January of 2017, I moved with my wife to South Korea to teach at an International Christian...

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What does Matthew 28:16-20 mean?

Helping each other become like Jesus  One problem with Matthew 28:16-20 While there are many apparent problems with Matthew 28:16-20, one worth noting is the difference in the way teaching the gospel occurs. In Matthew it appears to be “extreme didactic…...

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