You may believe what I am about to say, or you may not. But I give you my word – this is a true story.

I became a Christian when I was 14. I was born again – the life of God entered my soul. But sadly I did not know that If I opened my life to Satan and his demons – I gave him the right to oppress me. Through my pride, my sin, my worship of false gods (idols) and my wickedness of all kinds – I opened my life to over 20 demons who oppressed me every day until early 2016.

At the end of 2015 I went on holiday. While on holiday I went for a walk to read my Bible and pray. While doing this, the demons that I did not know were on me, started to manifest themselves. I do not know why they chose to do this then, but they did. They started to make themselves known in a very real way. A darkness came over me, voices flooded me mind and dark spiritual powers started to take over my body. Interestingly, I was 100% in my normal mind. I knew exactly what was going on around me. I could pray to Jesus and read my Bible. So I picked up my Bible and started to read it. This carried on for about 20 minutes. Eventually I realized that I needed help. So I contacted the mother of my friend Chris Barnard. She was part of a church in Durbanville, Cape Town that has a prayer team of counselors that I knew could help me pray through this difficulty.

The next day I drove to meet them and they prayed for me. It was wild. Demons where everywhere. Jesus ruled and reigned over them and in his power and by His blood that he gave up of the cross many demons left. They prayed for me, by the power of the Lord, for about 2 to 3 hours. At the end of this prayer time Christ showed me that 90% of the demons had left – there was more work he had to do. I was tired after this. I went home and went back about 2 weeks later. They prayed some more and more demons left my flesh. Most of these demons were linked to pornography and racism. In early 2016 I went back for 2 more prayer sessions and the last of the demons left. These ones were linked false ideas of God and pornography.

I learnt, through this, that demons are real but Jesus is more powerful

I learnt, through this, that demons are real but Jesus is more powerful. I learnt that we must be careful what we do because some actions open up our lives for these evil spirits to oppress (or even possess) us. I learnt that demons want to destroy us and are not our friends. I learnt that born again believers in Jesus cannot be possessed – but they can be oppressed.

 If you want to read about what the Bible has to say on this topic of Satan and his Demons, you can read a short book on this blog called Satan and his army of Demons.