During a recent test on logic – I asked the students to tell me why this conclusion, from these premises, is bad logic:


1.) My favorite K POP star says, “do whatever makes you feel good,”

2.) Therefore I do whatever makes me feel good.

Here is what she said:


“even that the person is my favorite, they could be wrong” 

What she was trying to say is that, ‘even though I like a person I cannot just believe them, because they could be wrong.’ Now while this may seem simplistic, if you have ever worked with teenagers you would know that they often fall into the trap of believing whatever people tell them – especially if they like them, like a music star. So for her to see the bad logic – is a step in the right direction for her. In addition to this, I would like to suggest that for a 16 year old Korean girl, that lives in a culture where logic is not often encouraged in schools, it is significant. If one is able to look beyond the English, grammar and short sentence to see a young mind who is learning to think about the world around her – it would become clear why this made me excited. In addition to this, it is bad logic to believe someone just because we like them. How many times have we done that? Many times I am sure.


This moment reminded me why I love to teach. I love to teach because of the numerous opportunities to shape young minds, for the good. To empower them with critical thinking skills.