A Christian is anyone who has genuine faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, faith that produces willing obedience to all of His commands.

For a person like this, their main guide book in life is the Bible, God’s trustworthy word. Christians are people who have one main book and that book is the Bible. We love God’s word because it is, “… a lamp to our feet and a light to our path” (Psalm 119:105), among other wonders.


How then should we read the Bible?

In the Hidden Christmas by Timothy Keller, he tells a story about when he was at a Christian conference and attended a session on how to read the Bible. The method he was taught, “changed my attitude toward the Bible and, indeed, my life” (2016:106).

Here is the method:


Step One: 

Choose any Text (verse or verses).


Step Two: 

Sit down for thirty minutes and write down on paper as many ideas you can see in this portion of scripture.

However, don’t think after ten minutes and five ideas that you know it all. Meditate and write for thirty minutes.


Step Three: 

At the end of thirty minutes, find the best insights you have on your paper. The best insights are those that have and will change your life the most.


Step Four: 

Pray these insights over your life and over the lives of others.


Step Five: 

Look for an open door opportunity to share these insights with other people.