I was talking to a friend of mine whose family are America Catholics. He said that the celebration of 500 years since the Protestant Reformation in 1517 A.D. is offensive for some Catholics. It may be interpreted as aggressive. Thank you friend for your honesty :.)

This got me thinking – do Catholics have to fear the Protestant Reformation? My answer is NO. Here is why:


The Protestant Reformation was about Reforming the Church 

The Protestant Reformation began many years before 1517 A.D. with Wycliffe and Hus (plus other events and people). Luther was the match that set Europe on fire. I cannot say for certain, but from the many books on church history I have studied (Latourette for example) – it seems as though these men (and many woman) were interested in changing the Church. They were interested in doing away with all the evil that was being done in the Church and renewing it. They did not want to start a new church – they wanted to see the existing church made new. Many people can argue against this – however I would disagree. Luther wanted to see the Church preach justification by faith alone in Christ alone. He was RIGHT here. He wanted to see the Church do away with the indulgences and the other things that enslaved people. He saw that Christianity was about spiritual freedom – not slavery. But was he against all Catholics? I would argue – NO.


It is because of this that NO Catholic has to fear the Reformation. I believe that ALL people should embrace it – Catholics to. Why? Because it stands today as a time where people long ago saw the evils being done in the Church and they spoke out against them. I believe that Catholics and Protestants should UNITE under the banner of the reformation and actively work TOGETHER to see reformation in our day – today. The church (until Jesus returns) will never be perfect. So we have to pray and work together to REFORM it CONSTANTLY. We need reformation today and every day.


“Come on Catholics and Protestants and any other else who will join us. Let us work together, with Jesus to reform the wonderful Church.”