This is a short blog, explaining my reasons for giving up on god.


I (like you) was brought up in a world filled with gods. There are the Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and so on. There is the Muslim god allah. There is the Catholic churches god (for some Catholics it is the Pope and/or Mary). There is the god of popular Protestant Christianity (for some it is a building and/or a favorite preacher). There is the Jehovah’s witness god, the Mormon god, the African river god, the Communist’s god, the Capitalist’s god, the god that white European’s serve and the god that Black African’s serve. There is the money god, the Atheist god (the human mind and reason), the god of power and control and so on the list goes and goes and goes. You might be familiar with some of these gods and you may even serve some yourself. Please read on.


I am out because people have brainwashed me into believing in their god.


I (like you) have been brainwashed to believe and obey many of these gods. Why was I brainwashed? Why have you been brainwashed? Arg! My school teachers brainwashed me, my friends have brainwashed me, my family have brainwashed me and my University brainwashed me. YouTube has brainwashed me, religious institutions have brainwashed me and books have brainwashed me into believing and obeying their version of god. I am sick and tired of this and so I say: “Bye god, I am out.” I am finally done with you.


I am out because of all the evils done in the name of god.


For thousands of years people have done all sorts of evil in the name of their god. From sexual abuse on children (because of the god of sex), through to the suicide bombers who blow themselves up, killing people (because of the religious god they serve). You probably don’t need convincing that even in your life you have seen the evil things others (and even yourself) have done in the name of some god. Lying, cheating and disrespecting people based on skin colour – all come about because of some god that is being believed and obeyed. I am sick and tired of this and so I say: “Bye god, I am out.” I am finally done with you.


Where does this leave me?

Having rejected god and the gods I see around me, I am left with nothing other than to stop, breath, smile, and wait patiently to let the true and living God open up my eyes to truth, to reality. There definitely is a creator of the world (and beyond) and it is this being that I want to know. This is the God I want. This is the God I accept. The God is NOT man made – but who made us.  This is the God I want to know, serve and obey. The journey continues….