Because of the boldness of a younger friend of mine, I  am now on anti anxiety medication.

I was talking to a friend of mine a month or so ago when he revealed to me that he was taking anti depressants. He explained to me his reasons why and that the pills were helping to “stabilize” his mood. After this conversation I found myself talking to another younger friend of mine who was also on them. As a victim of sexual abuse and other crap that Satan and sin has brought my way I have, for many years, struggled with anxiety. So I said, “what is the harm in trying?” I have now been on medication for three weeks and wow, how helpful it has been.

There is nothing wrong with this kind of medication.

This short post is not written to make people feel sorry for me or to explain the reasons as to why I am on anxiety medication. I have written this to say that there is nothing wrong with being on this sort of medication. If we take medicine for  headaches (paracetamol) and concentration (Ritalin) – why not for chemically induced anxiety? Why is it a social NO! to do this?

Anyways. If you are reading this and you are thinking of checking this medicine out then know that, from a Christian perspective, I believe that God has allowed us to discover many healing medicines. Sin in this world is like a virus that has even distorted the chemical systems in our bodies. As a result many of us are either born with, or develop chemical issues. God, in his love and healing touch, has allowed us to find ways to help. Anti anxiety medication is not a cure, it just helps to stabilize my anxiety. Please make sure you talk to a trusted professional and involve your close friends and family. Thank you to Dr Bev. Draper, my wife and my two young friends for giving me the boldness to go for it.