Feasting off God’s Word is more important than eating a healthy meal because it is only the Word of our Maker that can sustain our inner life – the most important part of our bodies.

Living as someone created.


Our Universe and all that is in it was created by the LORD God (Genesis 1:1). While we are not sure on all the details of how God created, one thing we can know for certain is that the LORD God is the Creator who made every bird, bug, banana, bright star and also every human being – including you and me.


The question that I ask from this is: Am I living as one created?


Living as one created means two main things. Firstly, it means that I will have boldness and confidence before ALL because my value is rooted in the FACT that I  have a designer – I will not be ashamed, like Adam and Eve were, because my value is fixed on my Creator who is unchanging. Secondly, it means that I will look to the Creator and no other place for ALL things: food, clothing, housing, identity, freedom, loves, satisfaction, guidance – all things.

Now If you are like me than you will know that it is very difficult to live as one create every second of every day. My boldness and confidence before all goes up and down, so does how often I look to my Creator for ALL things. This is why it is very important that I am always moving in the direction of living more and more in the FACT that I am created. Are you moving in this direction to?


Below are some questions to talk about with family and/or friends that will help us learn to moving in the direction of living more and more as created beings.


Questions to talk about with family or friends:

1.) Do you believe that God is the Creator? If not, why not?

2.) Are you moving in the direction of living as one Created?

3.) How do we move in this direction?